• Distributed Design Values

    The Distributed Design Platform

    A living resource to share our vision for each of our values (open, collaborative, regenerative, and ecosystemic) with our community as well as provide tangible examples of each in practice, set intentions for how we would like to continue working, and raise questions about what we would still like to address.

  • Distributed Design Mentor Scheme

    Distributed Design Platform

    The Distributed Design Mentor Scheme connects aspiring designers and creatives with experienced mentors, offering personalized guidance and support for professional growth. By taking part you will have the invaluable opportunity to gain extensive skills and knowledge from experienced mentors who are at the forefront of their respective fields. You will be able to expand your creative horizons, refine your techniques, and deepen your understanding of various aspects of design, technology, and innovation. The mentors’ diverse backgrounds and expertise ensure a comprehensive learning journey, where you can acquire multidisciplinary insights, discover innovative solutions, and unlock your full creative potential.

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  • [MOOC] Designing for action, engagement and resilience

    Distributed Design Platform

    Welcome to the engaging and transformative MOOC “Designing for Action, Engagement, and Resilience.” This unique online course brings together renowned experts who will guide you through three captivating topics. Petra Garajova and Eduardo Chamorro will explore the world of bio3Dprinting, showcasing its potential to shape the future of design and manufacturing. Milena Juarez Calvo will inspire you with collaborative practices that fuse materials and maker techniques, fostering innovation and creativity. Finally, Katharina Elleke will share insights on building communities to tackle plastic pollution, empowering you to make a positive impact on the environment. Join us on this educational journey as we delve into the realm of design, discover new approaches, and develop the skills to create meaningful change.

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  • [MOOC] Collaborative and sustainable practices

    Distributed Design Platform

    Welcome to the enlightening MOOC “Collaborative and Sustainable Practices.” This innovative online course invites you to explore a diverse range of topics led by esteemed experts in the field. Massimo Menichinelli will guide you through the world of collaborative practices with open design, unlocking the potential of collective creativity. Enrico Bassi will shed light on the makers movement’s vital role in fostering circular making and driving the transition towards a sustainable economy. Dive into the realm of blockchain and digital commons with Karim Esry, as he illuminates the transformative power of cryptochain technology. Finally, Marion Real will challenge your mindset, inspiring you to adopt systemic practices and become a catalyst for positive change. Embark on this educational journey and gain the knowledge and skills to contribute to a collaborative and sustainable future.

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  • [MOOC] New and emerging digital markets for Creative Industries

    Distributed Design Platform

    Welcome to the MOOC “New and Emerging Digital Markets for Creative Industries,” where leading experts in the field come together to explore the exciting landscape of digital markets for creative industries. In Topic 1, Nat Hunter and Gareth Owen Lloyd from Other Today delve into the world of distributed design, showcasing its potential to drive innovation and transform creative industries. Fab Lab Barcelona takes the stage in Topic 2, focusing on the art of effective design communication, equipping participants with the skills to effectively convey their ideas in the digital realm. Finally, in Topic 3, Mariana Quintero guides learners through future-oriented design, encouraging them to envision alternative futures and create transformative solutions. This MOOC provides a unique opportunity to explore new horizons, harness the power of digital connectivity, and thrive in the ever-evolving digital markets of the creative industries.

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  • The Distributed Design Learning Hub

    Distributed Design Platform

    The Distributed Design Learning Hub, a digital space designed for designers and makers seeking professional development opportunities and open educational resources. Our Learning Hub is a consolidation of training methodologies and resources gathered from the Distributed Design community, as well as other projects such as Fab Academy, Distributed Design platform Brighton University, Circular Maker Academy, Fabricademy, and more. Our Learning Hub is a valuable resource for both formal and non-formal education, including self-directed learning. Whether you are looking to improve your design skills, learn about circular economy principles, or explore emerging trends in the field of Distributed Design, our Learning Hub has something for you.

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  • Driving Design – Book

    Distributed Design Platform

    Driving Design is the fifth of seven publications from the Distributed
    Design Platform. Established in 2017 and co-funded by the European
    Union, the Distributed Design Platform brings together Fab Labs,
    Makerspaces, cultural organizations, universities, and design centers
    from around the globe. The community is growing in members,
    local and global collaborating organizations, and Creative Talents in
    Europe and beyond. Over the past four years, the platform designed
    and supported the development of local and global programming,
    strengthened a network of creatives, and fostered opportunities to
    learn and exchange.

  • How Distributed Design might drive the circular transition

    Danish Design Center

    Welcome to the high-quality resource DDC – Danish Design Center developed as part of the Distributed Design Platform. This resource presents the key insights from a study investigating the cross-section of Distributed Design and Circular Economy.

  • Open-sourcing a makerspace community

    Fab City Foundation

    “Open-sourcing a makerspace community” is the first High-Quality Resource developed by the Fab City Foundation for the Distributed Design Platform. Understanding open-sourcing as the gradual process of documenting and making publicly available the inner workings of organisations, this resource pursues three objectives: (1) Telling how to hold a workshop or another significant event in a makerspace. (2) Sharing our lessons learnt on how to create a community through such sorts of events. (3) Establishing a first draft towards a blueprint for communities open-sourcing know-how documentation.

    The resource attempts to make sense of an emerging chaotic situation using promising 21st-century frameworks such as distributed design. We aim to provide easy-to-explain processes and activities supported by materials that inspire other emerging makerspace communities to understand themselves, organise and take action.

  • This is Distributed Design – Book

    Distributed Design Platform

    Emerging at the intersection of the Maker Movement and design sensibility, Distributed Design provides a framework for designers, makers and creatives to innovate the field of design towards more sustainable, inclusive and collaborative practices.

    As the final of four publications developed by the Distributed Design Platform, ‘This is Distributed Design’ presents a state of-the-art, in an effort to inspire makers, designers and scholars alike. Within these pages you will hear from a non-exhaustive list of experts, hobbyists and educators whose work is advancing Distributed Design, clarifying through practice, its standing as the framework for collaborative, open, inclusive, sustainable design.

  • Distributed Design Academy 2020 – Canvases

    Distributed Design Academy 2020

    The 2020 Distributed Design Academy concept was based around up-skilling designers and makers working in digital fabrication and empowering them with a set of tools to help them meet new and emerging markets.

    The Academy resources from the fully online distributed course are now free to use by upcoming designers and makers who want to deepen their entrepreneurial knowledge and provide inspiration and guidance on how to access new markets. These resources can also be used by instructors and schools to help them bring perspectives on what distributed design means in different contexts.

    Distributed Design Academy 2020
  • Viral Design – Book

    Distributed Design Platform

    The book collects observations and reflections from the Distributed Design Platform and extended community. It aims to give shape to the experiences of designers and makers across Europe and throughout the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic.