Distributed Design Quality Label

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About the project

The Quality Label open badges system of the Distributed Design Platform serves to offer various entry points, allowing diverse profiles to join the Distributed Design Platform community. The badges are the result of collaborative efforts with Distributed Design Platform members to develop a quality label that is aligned with the platform’s core values: Open, Collaborative, Regenerative, Ecosystemic. These digital certificates serve as evidence of the people and community’s commitment to the values of the Distributed Design Platform and it can be displayed to showcase their commitment, support, and efforts to shape the Distributed Design Platform ecosystem. By earning these badges, individuals, collectives, practitioners and organisation can be recognised of their work, whether projects or practices and demonstrate their active involvement and engagement with the Distributed Design Platform community. The Quality Label aim to establish community trust and collective growth according to the Distributed Design Platform’s community values. Through these forms, you’ll be able to request the Distributed Design Platform Ecosystem and Impact badge.

What does it mean “Ecosystem” and “Impact” badge?

  • The “Ecosystem” badge recognises community members actively involved in participating, supporting, developing, and executing Distributed Design Platform programs and activities.
  • The “Impact” badge promotes and highlights the best practice works and champions within the Distributed Design Platform’s values of open, collaborative, regenerative, and ecosystemic.

Who can receive it?

  • You are eligible for the ‘Ecosystem Badge’ whether you’re an individual, collective, or organisation actively participating in and supporting the platform community’s activities, events, programs, etc.
  • You are eligible to the “Impact Badge” whether you are an individual, collective, or organisation that have developed a project or implemented programs inspiring others or making a real impact in your community.

How does it works?

For both badges you have to go through a 3-step process:

  1. Fill out the application. Please note to prepare yourself: You’ll need to share You’ll need to show documentation of your actions and progress! This could include multiple links to websites, programmes, activities or shared drive folders that can be used to verify your request.
  2. Your request will be verified by one of the Distributed Design Platform members and will be granted through a peer-review process.
  3. Our advisory board will validate the process and IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona will issue the badge.

Once you earn your badge you can display it online on social media profiles, personal websites, or digital resume!

If you want to check the questions beforehand, we invite you to consult the


Choose which badge you are ready to earn!