Driving Design – Book

A project by
Distributed Design Platform

About the project

Driving Design is the fifth of seven publications from the Distributed Design Platform. Established in 2017 and co-funded by the European Union, the Distributed Design Platform brings together Fab Labs, Makerspaces, cultural organizations, universities, and design centers from around the globe.

Driving Design is a non-exhaustive collection of articles, reviews, and profiles that represents and highlights the motivations, opportunities and challenges that drive the practitioners and the field of Distributed Design.

The book curates a collection of works under five umbrella themes, each of which offers the space for the Distributed Design community to share their vision, approaches and areas of exploration to answer who and what are the drivers of Distributed Design.

The chapters explore Value driven – Systemic approaches to Design; How to future: new forms of learning and (un)learning; Uniting ancestral wisdom and contemporary knowledge; Designing for agency; and Tech humanism and the commoning of knowledge.