• The Circular Design Journal for Makers

    Danish Design Center

    Explore circular strategies in this personal journal for makers developed by DDC – Danish Design Center

  • How Distributed Design might drive the circular transition

    Danish Design Center

    Welcome to the high-quality resource DDC – Danish Design Center developed as part of the Distributed Design Platform. This resource presents the key insights from a study investigating the cross-section of Distributed Design and Circular Economy.

  • Open-sourcing a makerspace community

    Fab City Foundation

    “Open-sourcing a makerspace community” is the first High-Quality Resource developed by the Fab City Foundation for the Distributed Design Platform. Understanding open-sourcing as the gradual process of documenting and making publicly available the inner workings of organisations, this resource pursues three objectives: (1) Telling how to hold a workshop or another significant event in a makerspace. (2) Sharing our lessons learnt on how to create a community through such sorts of events. (3) Establishing a first draft towards a blueprint for communities open-sourcing know-how documentation.

    The resource attempts to make sense of an emerging chaotic situation using promising 21st-century frameworks such as distributed design. We aim to provide easy-to-explain processes and activities supported by materials that inspire other emerging makerspace communities to understand themselves, organise and take action.