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Introducing the Distributed Design Mentor Scheme, a dynamic initiative that fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange within the creative community. This program brings together experienced mentors and aspiring designers, makers, and creatives, creating a platform for guidance, support, and professional development. Whether you are seeking guidance on project development, design strategies, or navigating the creative industry landscape, the Distributed Design Mentor Scheme offers a unique opportunity to connect with seasoned professionals who can provide invaluable insights and mentorship. Through personalized mentorship sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, participants gain the tools and resources necessary to thrive in the world of distributed design. Join the Distributed Design Mentor Scheme and embark on a transformative journey that empowers you to reach your full creative potential while building meaningful connections within the vibrant community of design and innovation.

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Rolling open call for submissions: February to April 30, 2024
We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible, as our selection process will be ongoing.


Entry Guide & Rules

Before completing your submission, please read the detailed application guidelines:


Please be aware that mentor availability is subject to change without prior notice.

Guillem Camprodon

Designer, Technologist, and Director of Fab Lab Barcelona. He bridges tech and grassroots communities, empowering them through innovation. As your mentor, he will guide you in exploring the intersections of art, technology, innovation, and research.

Rayén Jara Mitrovich

Rayén, an accomplished Artist and Technologist, is your mentor for exploring the synergies between community, bodies, and digital technology, empowering you to create impactful and immersive creative experience.

Angela McKee-Brown

Angela, your mentor, has a decade of experience fostering meaningful and inclusive food experiences that promote justice and joy within communities. Join to learn about co-creation, community development, design research, and social innovation.

Angel Cho

Meet Angel, a multi-disciplinary designer and artist interested mentoring you into exploring interdependencies of humans and systems through the process of making and design.

Kirstin Wiedow

Kirstin, from GIG – Global Innovation Gathering is a specialist for Community and Partnership building, is a Creative Technologist and will be at your side to develop your moonshot!

Alex Kimber

Get in touch with Alex, a Creative Director, for getting to know everything about Design (for) digital fabrication and its potential in enhancing distributed production and enabling mass customization.

Annah-Ololade Sangosanya

Meet Annah, a talented French microbiologist and textile designer that focus her research on mycelium materials, more specifically on mycelium leather growing techniques and on textile biodegradation.

Mar Canet Sola

Mentor Mar, an accomplished artist and researcher, is here to guide and support creative talents in exploring the intersections of art, technology, innovation, and research, providing invaluable insights and expertise in pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

Borbála Moravcsik

Borbala, as your mentor, will guide you in tackling everyday challenges through human-centered design, rethinking object culture and redesigning systems.

Jo Kroese

Receive mentorship from Jo Kroese, a mathematician, technologist, artist, co-founder of Radical Data. Their visionary work harnesses the power of data and technology, transforming them into tools for joy and justice.

Lucas Lemos

Lucas, a designer specializing in digital commons, governance, and collaboration systems. With expertise in designing innovative governance structures, he empowers collective decision-making and collaboration.

Nasim Sehat

Meet Nasim, an architect and creative director who loves to experiment and create unconventional spaces and excels in design research, digital fabrication, knowledge transfer, and material exploration.

Matej Feguš

Matej has extensive experience in developing innovative business models that create value for employees, the environment, and society. Learn from his expertise in building customer trust and understanding sustainable consumption patterns for fostering cohesive communities.

Marielle Sam-Wall

Embark on a mentorship journey with Marielle, a facilitator, artist, and service “designer” exploring radical love and its impact on decolonial action. Together, you’ll delve into our current systems and how we can imagine radical change through the lens of accessibility, queer culture, and community care.

Felipe Schmidt Fonseca

Felipe, a Berlin-based Brazilian activist and PhD candidate at Northumbria University. As co-founder of ID21, fonte.wiki, and MetaReciclagem, his expertise lies in collaborative settings, community development, and design research.

Henry Glogau

Henry, a New Zealand architect at GXN, the green innovation unit of 3XN, brings expertise in Architecture and Extreme Environments. With a focus on low-tech circular design, co-creation, and biomimicry, he explores present and future global challenges through expeditions to diverse locations.

Arianna Fanio

Meet Arianna, a designer, maker, and researcher passionate about maker culture, social projects, and community development. With a special focus on utilizing maker culture for social and community projects, Arianna maps maker laboratories and conducts case studies on declining crafts in the local territory.

Daniel Wessolek

Join Daniel, an artist, designer, and researcher, on an inspiring mentorship journey. Explore Tangible Interaction Design, Light Animation, DIY/Collaborative Technologies, Open-Source Hardware & Software, Sustainability Strategies, and Design Research together.

Martin Restrepo

Martin, your mentor, applies innovation and technology to address social challenges in rural communities and among youth. As a facilitator, speaker, and learning designer, he has developed methodologies transmedia methodologies for experiential learning and integrating narratives, technologies, and the real world.

Fanni Huszár

Fanni, a skilled Fashion Designer specializing in digital fabrication and digital fashion, is your go-to mentor for mastering the intersection of technology and fashion design.

Andrea Ascani

Andrea is an industrial designer, a digital fabrication expert, a generative design explorer and a physical computing geek. He will mentor you through the intersection of digital and physical product design, experience design and UI/UX with a creative flair and a keen eye for detail.

Antonio Esparza

Meet Antonio, your mentor and creative technologist. With a focus on the synergy between how products and organizations are designed together and how technologies like 3Dprinting and AI influence creativity.

Emanuele Belà

Emanuele, your mentor, is a talented Product Designer with a passion for circular economy and sustainability. Join his mentorship to explore innovative and cost-effective solutions for a more sustainable future.

Paola Zanchetta

Paola, your mentor, brings you through sustainability and expertise in digital fabrication technologies. With a focus on regenerative waste materials, in the context of Open Source collaborative projects.

Aniol López

Aniol, a product designer with a decade of entrepreneurial ventures related to sustainability, specifically addressing challenges related to plastic waste. Co-founder of FOS eyewear, he thrives in conceptualizing, sketching, building prototypes, and working hands-on with materials.

Marie Verdeil

Marie is eager to explore with you the role of design in tackling challenges posed by technology, with an intention to make the invisible tangible, through tools like (web) programming, electronics, and low-tech prototyping.

Maud Bausier

Maud is an innovative designer whose experience encompasses interior architecture, digital fabrication, fermentation and circular design. Co-founder of Domingo Club, she will help you implement sustainable, community-driven solutions.

Carolina Espinoza

Chilean Industrial Designer, former Precious Plastic designer and project manager, passionate about sustainable design, open-source hardware, material research and product design with recycled plastic.

Antoine Jaunard

Designer, coder, teacher interested in the intersection between the physical and the digital and how communities can interact with both. As your mentor, he’ll get you thinking in systems, inspired by plants and fungi, and give you the keys to implementing your future solutions.

Davide Onestini

Systemic designer whose work questions the role of design and local making in creating a non-linear, anti-alienation and post-consumerism economy.