Antonio Esparza

Profession: Ph.D. Industrial 3D print


Based in: Copenhagen

Platform Member: Maker



The transition to sustainable economies requires the creation of a new class of manufacturers that embraces circularity at the core of their business model. But what does it look like? STOFSKIFTE is a business design experiment that aims to create a factory that behaves as a living cell. Cells, the base unit of life, come in many shapes but most importantly, they develop symbiotic relationships with other living forms. In such a way, StofSkifte is a manufacturing bacterial cell. With the help of generative design and FDM 3D printing, this bacterial cell looks for spaces in the economic ecosystem where material waste can be transformed into circular market opportunities.

The bacterial factory interacts with other entrepreneurs, their resources, technologies, and interests, to design produets that fit mutual interests. It leverages generative design to produce shapes that remind us of all symbiotic relationships, the ones between fabrication partners, the ones between plastic and the environment, and the ones between users and other living things.