José Manuel González

José Manuel González

Profession: Teacher, Maker

Project: Caleiduino

Based in: Bilbao

Platform Member: Espacio Open


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Caleiduino is an interactive digital caleidoscope based on Arduino. Caleduino is a toy, an artistic object. It’s also a tool to learn electronics in a fun and creative way. Self aware network structure that understands its own topology, with possible applications for art, education and experimental architecture.

The heart of Caleiduino is a PCB board that connects to an Arduino nano 3.0, a 1.8’ TFT screen, an analogic accelerator with three axis GY-61, a piezoelectric, a switch and a 9V battery. Just as with any kaleidoscope, three mirrors in the form of a triangular prism are used. The external part of the object is made of methacrylate. The idea is, as with analogical kaleidoscopes, to use the movement of the user (by means of the accelerator) to generate graphics and sound.