​Eunchan “Chan” Park

Profession: Software Engineer, Maker

Project: Happythingsmaker

Based in: Oulu, FInland

Platform Member: Copenhagen


Open Source social robots

​Eunchan “Chan” Park is a South Korean software engineer, currently based in Oulu, Finland, working creatively in the fields of robotics, digital media, kinetic art, and as a “maker of happy things”. Chan hold a bachelor’s degree in Robotics from Kwangwoon University in Seoul, where he among other projects, founded the robot sports team RO:BIT along with sharing designs, firmware and software for the humanoid robot, ROBIT.

Chan is a true maker and an inspiring designer in the field of robotics engineering. Since 2012, under the name “Happy Things Maker”, Chan has designed several social robots and distributed them open source through his website and by participating in Maker Faires worldwide.