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The pillars of sustainability for me are represented by modularity, reuse of fabrics and, above all, being able to express myself.  What I communicate in the 3 garments made for Making Fashion Last is the possibility of actively positioning myself not as a passive user but as an active creator within the circular economy of the fashion world.

Self-expression through what we wear is a central theme in my work, as each form represents us differently and makes us feel more confident with the world around us. In addition to a pure, definable, political message in fashion there is also the environmental impact aspect of this industry and the constant quest in wanting to bring about real change and a real alternative.

The 9Rs of sustainability and circular economy thus become not a guideline but a ‘must have’ in design process.

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I studied a three-year degree at the polytechnic of Milan industrial product design and then continued my studies with a Master’s degree in UX design.

I currently works as a UX and service designer. I have a systemic approach to design as to life, never looking at a single grain but at the beach in its entirety, trying to understand how one gear moves but only in function of the others.