woman shaping a piece made from euca wood in the shadow, black and white picture

DUBLO studio

A project by
Verena Witthuhn

profile picture of the designer Verena Witthuhn, smiling woman

Verena Witthuhn


Conceptual & Circular artist and designer
Based in
Germany / Portugal
Platform Member
Works at
DUBLO studio

About the project


Euca wood is a plant-based and Future-Proof material. To maintain it’s compostable and natural qualities, a starch-based binder is used. The main component is eucalyptus bark that peels naturally from the trees and is lying all over the ground. A process of material preparation for eucalyptus bark was invented based on criteria of regenerative design. The resulting material is lightweight and durable once dried. It can be dissolved in water for reuse and reshaping to allow long-life-circles. Euca wood contains 100% natural components and is an open source.


Mesa is a handcrafted side table that, with its timeless aesthetics and compostability, follows the criteria of circular design. It is based on the development of an innovative material called euca wood obtained from eucalyptus bark which is purely biodegradable. For a future orientated design, rooted in a holistic point of view, we believe local unique solutions are interesting. This conceptual work is intended to show a field of application for plant materials in less complex products. Properties of the material are lightness and stability and a long life cycle, as it is reusable.


Emdobro is a circular and compostable sofa. Its components are natural, toxin free, recyclable, durable, fairly produced and extremely comfortable. Industrial furniture production creates ecological damage and causes waste problems. Especially the widespread use of PUR foam is questionable, since it needs hundreds of years to biodegrade. With EMDOBRO we are establishing an optimistic view on sustainable solutions in upholstery design. Eco friendly design does not imply abstinence or sacrifice. It’s possible to combine appealing aesthetics and high comfort in a truly sustainable product. Doing so entails a redefinition of luxury. EMDOBRO’s value is created through a timeless design, sustainable materials, high quality manufacturing and repairable components. It involves traditional upholstery techniques but is scalable in size and for industrial manufacturing.

side table made from rough natural material called euca wood
collecting eucalyptus bark from the ground
close up on euca wood, a natural material processed from eucalyptus bark

About DUBLO studio & their approach

DUBLO studio is a multidiciplinary studio created by german designer Verena Witthuhn. We realise modern interior design pieces involving local and plant-based materials and crafts as well as searching and developing new methods of design research based on practice.

For a future orientated design, rooted in a holistic point of view, we believe local unique solutions are interesting. To test our own scope of action in our immediate environment and to deal with what we can find, is not just challenging but also inspiring and a logical easy access for a circular design. Our conceptual work is intend to show a field of application for natural and plant- based materials in lower complex products and to test the users reactions to new and rough materials. DUBLO studio deals with the question of which tasks todays product designers are facing and how they can meet the challenges of our times like waste avoidance and environmental pollution through industrial production techniques still meeting high comfort and quality. A change requires consistent design decisions that will already have to be defined in the briefing with priority on environmentally friendly production and usability. We believe it is already possible for low-complexity products and should also be implemented. Therefor we have developed our own creative methodology, enabling nature-inspired and spontaneous design practice, that also allows us to work outside, where we have free access to materials, natural light and an open workspace to step into regenerative and holistic design practice.