From a pair of jeans to a denim top

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Edoardo Cardascia, Lena Capo, Chiara Guarino

Edoardo Cardascia, Lena Capo, Chiara Guarino

From a pair of jeans to a jacket
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About the project

Our project is focused on upcycling, as a form of recycling in which discarded materials are converted into items of higher value than the original input, or discarded products are transformed, maintaining the original purpose and improving pre-existing factors – such as appearance and functions.

Taking inspiration from Blue of a Kind works, we turned a classic light blue pair of jeans into a cute long sleeved top. The process included:

  • Designing the pattern of the top, overturning the waist piece of the jeans to cover the torso and then using the legs as jackets’ sleeves;
  • Using a seam ripper to disassemble the pair of jeans, opening up the legs to form the sleeves of our top;
  • Personalising the jacket using the laser cutter to engrave a customised graphic;
  • Assembling the legs.