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Pedro Montalto & Sara Albuqueque

Pedro Montalto & Sara Albuqueque

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Fivelas Sunfactory
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About the project

Fivelas Sunfactory is a designing smart buckles for pet collars, integrating sun powered plastic recycling with NFC chips. These buckles not only serve as aesthetic and functional elements but also provide information about the pet, promoting safety and connection between pets and their owners.

This design project proposes the creation of smart buckles for pet collars, combining Sunfactory’s innovative technology with NFC (Near Field Communication) chips. These buckles not only serve as aesthetic and functional elements on collars but also provide information about the animal, promoting safety and connection between pets and their owners.

Our idea stems from a passion for pets and a desire to create solutions that enhance their lives, with the primary goal of contributing to the well-being of animals associated with various points of aid. Thus, safety and quick identification in cases of loss or emergency are crucial. The collars would be manually made using intertwined cord, similar to a survival bracelet, offering an innovative and effective approach to this challenge. The buckle is securely attached to the collar, ensuring it remains firm and reliable even in situations of intense outdoor activity.

As mentioned earlier, these buckles would be produced using the Sunfactory solar oven, injecting recycled plastic from pet food packaging and other possible debris produced by animal shelters and support centers. Our aim is to assist shelters and catteries by providing some financial help through the reuse of materials that would otherwise end up as waste. Smart Buckle Design The buckles are designed to be durable and functional, incorporating Sunfactory technology to allow for custom patterns, colors, and even contact information to be printed directly on the buckle, making it unique and personalized for each pet.

Additionally, the buckle would have an embedded NFC chip, enabling easy access to owner information through smartphones and NFC-compatible devices. The buckle is also water-resistant and abrasion-resistant, ensuring durability in outdoor environments.

Benefits and Impact Safety: Smart buckles with NFC chips help ensure that pets can be identified and reunited quickly in case of loss.

Customization: Buckle personalization allows owners to express their pets’ personalities and provide contact information uniquely.

Sustainability: The use of Sunfactory technology aligns the project with environmental concerns, while the manual production of collars highlights craftsmanship quality.

Innovation: This project is an innovation that combines low-tech technology with manual tradition, creating a product that stands out in the pet accessory market.

Initially, this project was also conceived to aid animal welfare associations as a fundraising initiative, and this idea remains, promising significant social impact.

The ‘Fivelas Sunfactory’ project represents an effort to enhance safety, customization, and connection between pets and their owners. We hope to offer an innovative and practical solution that enriches the lives of pets, their families, and associations. This project signifies the successful fusion of technology, design, and concern for animal well-being, providing an inspiring example of how creativity and innovation can improve our daily lives.