Água Pura

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Fátima Santos, Jaden Gomes & Joana Sampaio

Fátima Santos, Jaden Gomes & Joana Sampaio

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Água Pura
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About the project

Água Pura is a project, aiming to address global water challenges by utilizing a sun concentrator to filter and sterilize water through solar energy, providing a sustainable solution to enhance water quality and combat waterborne diseases in communities worldwide. The project represents a transformative use of solar energy, serving as a technology beacon for sustainable water purification.

In a recent UN study, it was proven that on our planet, with 8 billion inhabitants, 26% of the global population does not have access to drinking water (2 billion people) and about 46% of inhabitants do not have sanitation services (3.6 billion). The concept of our project is to filter the water that enters our system, using easily accessible materials, and then take advantage of the sun’s heat to sterilize the water.

In the first part of the project, we focused on filtering particles in water using activated charcoal, an effective purification agent, widely recognized and easy to produce to remove physical waste from water meticulously. In the second part of the project, we use the Sun Concentrator to take advantage of solar energy as a water heating process to a temperature that effectively kills bacteria, making it safe for consumption.

This innovative approach uses solar energy to improve water quality, offering a reliable and accessible solution to communities facing water-related challenges. Our project stands out as a sustainable technology lighthouse, showing the transformative potential of solar energy in eliminating water-transmitted diseases.