Series of ceramic printed pieces arranged in a line.

Yalhma Robette

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Yalhma Robette

Yalhma Robette


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Sound Tremor
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About the project

Sound Tremor is the sound adaptation of a ceramic printer. The idea is to create 3D-printed, clay-based pieces, whose shape is determined by sound. An enclosure is placed under the printing plate, in contact with it. The sound waves create vibrations on the plate, which influence the printing process. The idea is to represent the sounds of volumes in order to reveal and illustrate certain everyday noises or even discover a language that we do not understand.

Bottom of the ceramic printer, the plate is made of steel and held using elastic bands, which allows it to move slightly. The printer is triangular in shape. A speaker in a box is placed under the plate.
Table on which is placed a series of ceramic printed pieces less than 10 centimeters high. At the bottom of the table is the ceramic printer. On the other side is a screen where there is a video.

Yalhma Robette is a master’s student in eco-social design at ESAD in Valenciennes in France. She is interested in environmental and social issues in a design practice. She creates projects that question materials and particularly terracotta and water. Everything that is connected to life and therefore to evolution is a source of inspiration. Design is above all, for her, a search in context as well as in form.