Matteo Agostoni, Pietro Anselmi, Martino Bizzanelli, Andrea Bonzio, Giacomo Arthur Dubini, Giulio Sala

Profession: Product designers

Project: Wheelchair Simulator

Based in: Milan

Platform Member: OpenDot


Project Website

A simulator of a Wheelchair joystick

The product is a Simulator of a Wheelchair joystick. By using an arcade joystick you can move a led pixel on a light trail. There are many levels sorted by difficulty

This product was made for tetraplegic people and the aim is to evaluate their skills. The intention is also to exercise the precision and strength of the arm. Once the user-built enough confidence with the device the operator decides if the patient is able to use a real wheelchair.

Our idea is to improve this project by writing a better Arduino’s code, and by improving the quality of the materials.