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My name is Jorge Blanco Bernárdez, I was born in Vigo, a small fishermen town in the northwest coast of Spain. Since I was young, I am a passionate of the sea and all the living creatures in it. Now I am working at Sealifetrust, at the Beluga Whale Sanctuary, here in Vestmannaeyjar, and I am working on an enrichment program in which all the technique knowledge in Fablab, as the tool that are there can be really helpful. I would like to develop an interactive board for our whales that will work with through their capability of echolocation. As we develop this project, we are also collaborating crafting different tools, that can be useful in the day a day of the whales. Also we are working together to generate some interactive boards for the customer in the centre to be able to listen the sounds of the Whales that live around Iceland.

Animal enrichment based on echolocation