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About the project

The Traehus project was established with the primary objective of offering a more durable and sustainable alternative to the conventional tents that are currently utilized at festivals. The product comprises a central module that, when combined with two pallets, forms the foundation of the tent. The components have been meticulously selected with a focus on robustness and repairability, ensuring that the product’s life cycle is maximized. To complete the product, two layers of fabric have been incorporated, one to render it waterproof and the other washable, thereby making the product hygienic and easy to clean. The structure employs wooden poles or bamboo canes, which can be effortlessly replaced in the event of breakage.

Traehus is a festival tent, designed to be durable and eco-friendly. Perfect for rental during festivals, Traehus elevates the camping experience while minimising environmental impact.

Specifications: With internal dimensions of 2.1×1.2 metres, Traehus comfortably accommodates two people and offers storage space in the apse. The 1.2-meter height, combined with ventilation from windows and space below the pallets, ensures excellent airflow. Transforming into a refreshing shelter is easy with its wide-opening entrance.

Construction: Traehus comprises two interconnected modules supported by a central platform. Two pallets form the base, while poles create a robust structure for the textile layers. Assembly is quick and aided by an instruction guide.

Sustainability: Traehus prioritises sustainability through its use of sustainably sourced plywood, ensuring strength and easy repair. The outer layer is upcycled, while the inner layer is made in natural cotton. It is easy to disassemble, clean and repair, extending its lifespan. Customers can enjoy a fresh and clean tent experience at each festival without the need for ownership.

Traehus represents a sustainable innovation in festival tents, combining durability, eco-conscious materials, and a shared approach to enhance camping experiences while minimising environmental impact.