The Quilt of Life

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Nina Vastl Štefe

Nina Vastl Štefe


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Quilted Blanket for Life
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About the project

I want to design and handcraft a quilt that will have great symbolic value and will be useful in various ways throughout the whole life.

A quilt can be given/received at the birth of a child, a wedding or another important event in life. A quilt can be made for an individual or the whole family.

The Quilt of Life will be a “nova bala” (slovene word), a new tradition that comes from an old and very beautiful custom, when a woman brought textiles for everyday and ritual use to the marriage. The various textile pieces were always carefully selected and crafted and represented the beauty,skills and wealth of the woman bringing this gift.

The quilt can be used as a blanket, bedspread, picnic blanket, beach blanket, curtain, screen, wall decoration or rug.

The Quilt of Life will be highly individualized in terms of content. Basically, it is a quilt with dimensions of 120 x 120 cm, 140 x 220 cm and 250 x 250 cm made of natural materials, mostly linen. Partly the materials will be new and partly I will use recycled textiles. The quilt will also contain various pieces of textiles that have an important sentimental or memorable role in the life of an individual or family.

The symbolic value of the Quilt of Life is its unique story, the archetypes it contains and the rituals associated with it, and of course the memories and emotions sewn into it.

The Quilt of Life will be a textile piece for a lifetime. A piece that can be passed on to the next generation, who will preserve or supplement the story… It will be a piece that will represent a diary or an album of a life sewn/sown onto fabric.