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About the project

CareA is an open source project: Building instructions, a herbarium and all 3D models can be downloaded. CareA its a circulating hydroponic system that can be assembled just from food waste such as yoghurt buckets, tomato cans and canvas bags and saves up to 90% of water usage.

The development process is meant to connect people and bring them into exchange. To start, people can go to their neighbourhood restaurants and ask for buckets and cans, thus getting to know their neighbourhood and building a social network. In a digital community on the website, people can help each other, make suggestions for improvements and continue working on 3D files.

CareA’s approach is to get the user to think in waste-free circles. In their own homes and in their lives. I saw it as a tool to change society towards a community-oriented and environmentally friendly society. All materials are reused or recycled and thought of in a resource-friendly way.

My goal was to make the product accessible to everyone, preferably worldwide. As the main part of the project, designed a manual explaining all the steps, which can be easily downloaded. All 3D printed connecting parts can be downloaded as STL files. For 3D printing I also share my wealth of experience to get a good printing result. And in a document are collected local herbs are also available for free download. The community is always invited to continue designing and sharing experiences.
In addition to the resource-saving design, the herbs as the end product ensure that we engage with our bodies, our health and enter into a symbiosis with the nature that surrounds us, just as the ancient monastery gardens did. The herbs provide the body with nutrients and in some cases even relieve pain. For example, nettle, due to its histamine content, it can soothe allergic reactions when taken as a tea and protect the plants from aphids when taken as a decoction. The knowledge that the user acquires reconnects him with the nature that surrounds him.