The Make Bank

Kirsty Thomas

Profession: Designer

Project: The Make Bank

Based in: Liverpool

Platform Member: Paved With Gold

Works at: Tom Pigeon




Project Website

Donating art and design kits and provide online resources to ensure all pupils reach their full potential.

Providing art material kits and online resources for young people interested in pursuing creative careers. To fight against creative poverty and work towards a diverse industry with equal opportunities for everyone.

More than 33% of children in the UK are currently living in poverty and in some areas this figure reaches a staggering 62%. An increasing number of young people are dropping out of creative subjects at school because they don’t have, and can’t afford, the materials they require. Everyone should be able to pursue their creative passion and so we provide free art materials kits to underprivileged school pupils.

Young people often don’t recognise the scope of opportunity which lies within the creative industries and so don’t view a career in design as a viable life choice. To counteract this, they tell the stories of artists, designers and makers from across the industry.