The infinite possibilities of old

SoL Bekic, Anna Antonuccio, Caterina Zhou

Profession: fashion product design

Project: The infinite possibilities of old

Based in: Milan

Platform Member: OpenDot

Making Fashion Last! Challenge “USE”

We chose to combine a stereotypical “grandma cardigan” and an “event-specific” skirt, into a new garment which could be worn more often.

The outcome was a two piece outfit for a teen: a crop top with a detachable hoodie and sleeves, and a layered mini skirt.

We obtained a balance of the two garments, by changing their shape and using leftover fabric to create details and accessories.

One key element was the replacement of all buttons, with custom-made ones. These were laser-cut from a plywood/fliseline/skirt-fabric sandwich, and shaped after a detail of the cardigan.

Other aspects we cared to include were:

  • detachable parts anywhere the material changes (skirt PE, cardigan Wool+acrylic), for both garment care and end of life recycling;
  • using as much of the leftover fabric as possible, to avoid waste;
  • ease of reproducibility of the process, to make the project more accessible.
  • Bonus: these choices resulted in the possibility to go beyond the starting clothes themselves, allowing for part substitution, mixing and matching, and further creative interventions.