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About the project

ComVidro is a social project to recover people and empty glass bottles. The idea started to increase the employability skills of women in situations of social vulnerability. After the first stage of education and investment in tools and machines, we are now creating an upcycling design brand to make this project their actual entrepreneurial job.
Besides glass, materials like wood, stone, and cork are being incorporated into the products created, increasing the range of possibilities and learning in the design and manufacturing fields.

About Novonovo

Novonovo is the way to find and work with secondary materials, from industrial leftovers to urban waste. We are researching the production and consumption chain in Portugal, and our main goal is to improve that system so that reuse, recovery, and upcycling become accessible and more attractive practices among creatives. A digital platform was developed to support our work and promote the autonomous circulation of materials between individuals.
We provide design consultancy and project management services to companies, organizations, and the ones needing expert support to develop their projects with recovered materials. On the other hand, we’ve developed the Novonovo Platform, to show all the materials we have access to (through partnerships with different industries or materials we collect and store in our still-small repository) and provide an open-source community space to connect individuals looking for materials and the ones discarding them.