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About the project

Born in Spain and developed on the road, Manu Sánchez has a passion for fixing problems with out-of-the-box inventions. Convinced that cooperation is more powerful than competition, he shares his ideas openly and invites everyone to join forces to solve the most pressing social issues.

The SOS Heater project aims to democratize access to heating and reduce pollution by developing and sharing affordable and energy-efficient heating solutions.

SOS Heater is the Social Open-Source heater that saves energy and fights energy poverty. We’ve developed a portable heater that’s both eco-friendly and budget-friendly, consuming only 250W of electric power; 80% less energy than the average portable heater. Plus, it’s completely fume-free and operates silently. Our prototype and a community of early users and testers have helped to prove the efficacy of the technology. Now we are creating a version of the heater that can be replicated locally and adopted by many; suitable for distributed design with recycled plastic parts and biomaterials. To encourage a more sustainable, inclusive, and collaborative approach, we will share our designs to invite all Maker spaces to join us in this journey and design/manufacture their own heaters locally.