Solar Oven Smart Cap

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Diogo Agulheiro & Vitor Coelho

Diogo Agulheiro & Vitor Coelho

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Solar Oven Smart Cap
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Politecnico de Lisboa
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About the project

The project introduces an intelligent lid for a solar oven, enhancing user experience by providing temperature information and featuring a palm-molded design with rubber material for improved grip. Divided into electronic components and heat-resistant cork and plastic-rubber elements, the lid ensures safety and efficiency in solar cooking while prioritizing practicality and user-friendly handling.

This project is for an intelligent cover for a solar oven with the aim of providing the user with more information about the temperature inside the oven and the temperature inside the tube where the plastics will be. The handle of the cover will have a design molded to the palm of the hand and rubber material that facilitates grip and the practicality of holding and removing and putting the cover back on the oven.

The oven cover is divided into the following parts:

  • The electronic elements using a Display that will present the temperature values, two K-type thermocouples for temperature measurement, two MAX6675 for the processing of k-type information, distributing to the Xiao ESP32C3, which in turn serves as the computer for the cover’s devices;
  • The cork pieces to protect the electronic parts inside the cover from high temperatures and to serve as a cork in the oven itself;
  • The plastic and rubber part (particularly in the handle) will respectively cover the parts of the lid, except for the cork, where they will be on the outside of the oven and the handle to provide better grip using a relief to increase the surface area.