Simple acts


Profession: Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Project: Simple acts

Based in: Cluj-Napoca

Platform Member: FabLab Budapest



Réka MÁTYÁS’s “Simple acts” graphics were created with the FabLab Budapest ENVELOPE project: Hungarian and foreign artists were invited, and their inspiring creations were transformed into wooden postcards with UV printing technology. ENVELOPE folds graphics into distributed design: the postcards are manufactured close to the user on demand.

Réka relates to the world around her with a constant search and curiosity, with a game-based understanding. She explores the present through pencil drawing, illustration and material experiments, using formal reduction and condensation of content. Relying on the transparent play, symbolism, pathfinding and interaction. Constant rediscovery, traditional manifestations of the rebirth of the work, and a sense of home are all motivating forces for her.