Fotokredit: Asger Nørregård Rasmussen (Foreningen Maker)

Principles of Circular Fashion

A project by
Daniela Doe

Daniela Doe


Fashion and Textile Designer
Principles of Circular Fashion
Based in
Copenhagen / Hamborg / Malmø
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About the project

Daniela Doe wants to encourage others to keep their clothes longer and teach techniques that help to repair and remake old clothes or textiles which are no longer being used.

The project consists of an educational installation showcasing upcycled pieces made during the DD summer school, combined with informative posters and cards for the visitors about Upcycling methods and the Principles of Circular Fashion.

In addition, Daniela Doe will host several Repairing and Remaking workshops during the Distributed Design exhibitions. A 2 hour class on how to repair and remake old clothes will be offered where information about the Principles of Circular Fashion will also be shared. Participants will be given an introduction to different techniques that can easily be learned and applied including painting, embroidery, visible mending, applications, simple deconstruction, and reworking with scraps.