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About the project

Pablo Zuloaga is an award-winning Colombian Creative Director, university professor, and Audiovisual Producer, with a master’s degree in Design for Emergent Futures, based in Barcelona. With more than 15 years of experience creating ideas, campaigns, products, services, and innovations for brands and NGOs around the globe, he started his career in CityTV, a TV channel in Bogotá, Colombia, as a producer and content generator for different TV shows, then switched to work in advertising at Mullen Lowe SSP3, where he started as a copywriter, and quickly became Creative Director for various local and global brands, and some of his work was awarded in the most important creativity festivals. In 2016, Pablo moved to Guatemala to serve as General Creative Director for La Fábrica y Jotabequ, GREY Guatemala. After nearly four years in this position, he moved to Spain for graduate school and received a master’s degree in Design for Emergent Futures from The Institute of Advanced Architecture of Cataluña and ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona and a Fab Academy certificate from the MIT Center of Bits and Atoms, and their “Academy of How to make (almost) anything,” in 2020. Now he has been living in Barcelona for the last few years doing consultancies in branding, communication strategy and creativity, and also doing lectures and workshops around innovation, digital fabrication, and the future of food and education, while he works in a methodology for teaching planet centred innovation.

POWAR STEAM is a R+D studio in educational innovation focused on the planet, which designs methodologies, workshops and learning objects for communities, schools and homes. We help in the conceptualisation and implementation of small school and community innovation laboratories (SiLabs), with which we want to empower people in the use of emerging digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, code and electronics. And we also help implement school gardens for learning and research related to food, its process and sustainability in search of food security for all. Our purpose is to empower people through knowledge, skills and tools that allow them to be more resilient to the changes of the 21st century, in search of a planet-centred future for all.