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Alara Ertenü

Alara Ertenü

Alara Ertenü Studio

Biodesigner | Material designer
Based in
?zmir, Turkey
Platform Member
Fab Lab Barcelona
Works at
Alara Ertenü Studio

About the project

Plastic packaging and agricultural waste are major environmental problems on a global scale. The global cosmetics industry – our target market – produces in excess of 120 billion units of packaging per year (plastic packaging accounts for 60% of this). There is also a growing problem with the burning or landfilling of agricultural waste, which is a major source of carbon emissions. 

PACKIOLI is an innovative solution for turning agricultural waste into a valuable resource, as the packaging material is water-resistant and biodegradable. Harmony between the environment and industry is not the only focus of PACKIOLI, but with its unique life cycle based on the principles of the circular economy, it also helps farmers / producers to create value out of their agricultural waste. 

Further, the aim is to eliminate plastic packaging, while meeting the hygiene and performance requirements of businesses. Its compatibility with the production methods of plastic film packaging means that it can be targeted at both packaging manufacturers and brands.

About the designer

Alara Ertenü is a biodesigner, material researcher and industrial designer based in ?zmir, Türkiye. She strongly believes that in order to truly achieve sustainability, local wastes are an important starting point for working on biomaterials and demonstrating that these can be turned into everyday products right where we live.

She recently founded Alara Ertenü Studio which is an emerging design studio specialized in biomaterials and how they might be transformed into value-added products. To increase our impact, we ensure the sustainable growth of our initiatives by partnering with progressive companies in the sector, such as the award-winning circular material ‘Packioli’.