Nicol Tornello

Nicol Tornello

Profession: Product Designer

Project: Light Beam

Based in: Porto

Platform Member: Politécnico de Lisboa



Light Beam – From plastic waste to a new life product

Ambient light made with the technique of an extruded beam. Embracing and utilizing the qualities of translucent polystyrene, giving what was once old CD cases a new life. The lamp recycling technique makes each product unique and irreplaceable. The flowing colours give to the simple body a gente shade and a graceful look.

“As designers and makers we have a big responsibility, we choose what to create and put out in this world, so by working with recycled plastic I feel I contribute to create something valuable and respectful towards the environment. In addition to the incredible community that has been created behind this project, starting with the Precious Plastic original team. What kept me motivated to go deeper in this project was indeed the creative and positive environment they created and feeling part of something bigger and precious.”