Mì Tôm Xanh

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Thao Vu

Thao Vu


Teacher/Founder & President of Mì Tôm Xanh Project
Mì Tôm Xanh
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Hanoi, Vietnam
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Fab City Foundation
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About the project

Mì Tôm Xanh is an organization that recycles noodle wraps into multi-functional products. We renew the traditional bamboo and rattan threading method by utilizing a new material, plastic noodle wraps. Mì Tôm Xanh embraces the past as a stepping stone for future innovations. To spread the message of preserving cultural quintessence, we have started by teaching young Hanoi students how to recycle used plastic noodle wraps and turn them into simple daily products. We can easily promote environmental and traditional topics to Hanoi youth through education.

Appearing on numerous news headlines and television channels, Mì Tôm Xanh has attracted over 200 local collaborators who have donated thousands of plastic noodle wraps for recycling purposes. This number is gradually increasing, making it a stable source of raw materials. Currently, we are working with two recycling enterprises.

After making our products, we will sell them on Mì Tôm Xanh’s Facebook page and public group, which both have stable engagement, interactions, and massive consumer demand. Until now, the organization still dedicates 100% of its revenue to charitable causes such as national Covid-19 aid, the Central region natural disaster fund, and the national TV channel fund for unfortunate children (C?p lá yêu th??ng). The buyers will directly transfer the money to the official bank accounts of the individuals or governmental funds that we are helping.

Mì Tôm Xanh is a place where lives are renewed: the life of traditional bamboo and rattan craft villages, the life of the supposedly wasted noodle packages, and the lives of thousands of the underprivileged in Vietnam.