A mirror, Horta collection, frame is made of solid oak

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Léonce Lefebvre, architect & cabinetmaker, blends design & fabrication, creating unique contemporary furniture. Graduating from the School of Architecture of Paris Belleville, he gained a solid foundation. After several years in architecture, he furthered his education in 2022 at École Boulle, focusing on cabinetmaking. Today, in his own workshop, his architectural background inspires one-of-a-kind pieces, where functionality meets aesthetics. Each furniture piece tells its own story, blending technical expertise with creative vision.

The choice of materials is fundamental to the studio’s approach. The desire to return to working with materials is accompanied by a reflection on how to do so responsibly. The use of exclusively solid wood sourced from sustainably managed French forests and made-to-order production enable the creation of high-quality pieces that stand the test of time.

Mirrors of the Horta collection
A mirror, Horta collection, frame is made of solid oak
Mirror of the Horta collection