Luke Kelly

Profession: Designer

Project: LAC

Based in: Brighton

Platform Member: Other Today



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How might we reduce single-use items and maintain hygiene in a cafe environment?

LAC is an alternative milk distribution and delivery method, using gastronorms, 3D printed parts and standardised fittings. The design combats both hygiene issues as well as the incredible volume of waste from the 4 pint milk bottles.

The design follows a distributed manufacture approach to create a cheaper and more repairable alternative to large costly systems. The 3D printer assembly allows for a variety of standard pipe fittings and gastronormes to be used as a basis for the device. As a part-time Barista I felt the current methods can be troublesome during busy periods, and following the Covid-19 pandemic heightened hygiene procedures would be necessary. I wanted to change this and ensure the cafe can stay open and that customers and staff would feel safe.

A great alternative to milk bottles


Alecia Carruthers, Barista

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