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Jóna Heiða is an artist and art teacher based in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. She finished Bachelors degree in fine art from IUA (Iceland University of Arts) and Masters of Art education from IUA a few years later. She has spent most of her working career, teaching children about art. Both in kindergarten, primary school and as of now in college. She is also a partner in a collaborative team with fellow artist Gíslína Dögg which focuses on summer art workshops for kids with special emphasis on nature and natural material. She is a founding member of an Art and Culture collective in her home town of Vestmannaeyjar which runs a collective of open artist studios and workshops. Jóna Heiða has an open studio there and is opening up a new Art Space near her home and there she will sell art and products based on her art.

I make products based on my art. The products are unique and are inspired by my hometown and are excellent for selling to tourists.