From 3 jeans to a long a skirt

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Giulia Distaso, Elisa Sorrentino

Giulia Distaso, Elisa Sorrentino

From 3 jeans to a long a skirt
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About the project

Our project is based on upcycling, as a form of recycling in which discarded materials are converted into items of higher value than the original input, or discarded products are transformed, maintaining the original purpose and improving pre-existing factors – such as appearance and functions.

Inspired by Blue of a Kind products, we chose to work combining 3 pairs of jeans of different colours – black, blue and purple –  into a new denim garment, namely a long and fashionable skirt. The process included:

  • Disassembling the pairs of jeans to obtain the rough fabric to create the skirt. The black pair was cut along the inner legs, while the legs of the other two jeans  were cut and opened to have large pieces of fabric;
  • Designing the pattern of the skirt, matching the disassembled black jeans which constitute the main waist piece and the opened legs which are used to cover the central part;
  • Designing a rust pattern to be engraved on the jeans using the laser cutter for aesthetic purposes;
  • Assembling the different parts using a sewing machines;
  • Hemming using black thermo tapes.