Flowing Futures Collective

A project by
Ramiro Argañaraz, Cagsun Acemoglu, Korbinian Nida-Rümelin

Ramiro Argañaraz, Cagsun Acemoglu, Korbinian Nida-Rümelin


Flowing Futures Collective
Based in
Barcelona, Spain
Platform Member
Fab Lab Barcelona
Works at
Akasha Hub

About the project

The Flowing Futures collective aims to explore, reimagine, and begin changing our relationship with water – and the life it sustains – in urban environments.

We challenge the view that water is a cheap resource to be disposed of and contaminated, and instead highlight how essential it is for all life on Earth.

Through prototypes, events, and experiences, we seek to bring more life to our towns, cities, and habitats.

The Flowing Futures proposal is to unify forces by collaborating with people interested in improving the relationship with water and giving value to water. By exploring diverse technologies and involving nature in the process, we aim to provide disruptive and different solutions to the urban environment.

Our planet isn’t just blue, it’s wet. And the water that makes it wet keeps us alive. It fills fruit and mushrooms, forests and oceans, birds and bacteria with life. We want to celebrate that. And we want to imagine a possible future in which water and life have returned to the cities in force. Together, let us explore water’s vital role in sustaining life and urban cultivation.

The Flowing Futures Collective originated through the collaboration of Ramiro, Cagsun, and Korbinian during their Master’s program in Design for Emergent Futures at Fab Lab Barcelona. These individuals, with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, share a common passion for water and a shared commitment to enhancing its value through hands-on design methodologies.



Flowing Future’s Collective first prototype is OFF-GRID Sink, a sink where our main goal is to reuse the water several times by filtrating naturally and mechanically with different stages of depuration. Flowing Futures Collective continues to explore different ways of filtering water in collaboration with other collectives and organisations, in addition to enhancing the current prototype. Currently, the sink is being developed in collaboration with Slow Lab, a collective to bring more awareness and promote a resilient lifestyle based in Barcelona.

About Flowing Futures Collective’s approach

Open is one our main values. In order to think on changing the relationship we humans have with water, we should make things totally accesible and replicable, if not we are just creating limitations. Our first prototype was fully collaborative with other teams, and we have in mind making future collaborative workshops and taking results from collective design. As a collective, our goal is to generate interest among individuals to actively engage in processes that improve our relationship with water and other living beings. We strive to involve people in the creation and construction of solutions, enabling them to recognize and appreciate the value of water. We believe in the importance of addressing both the social and natural aspects, fostering harmony within our environment for a mutually beneficial relationship.