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EmotiphAI is a project that resulted from a PhD program in biomedical engineering at the Instituto de Telecomunicações, IST – ULisboa. EmotiphAI is a unique acquisition structure, allowing data acquisition individually and in groups, and has been used in several experimental setups, covering more than 50 people and more than 1,500 minutes of acquired data. EmotiphAI has participated in national and international collaborations, such as the European Commission Resonances III Festival, an online play at the University of Tartu, a live opera at ESMAE, and fortnightly you can find the team at the Differential film sessions at IST.

EmotiphAI is a novel platform for mental health assessment relying on physiological signals. EmotiphAI consists of an end-to-end framework for physiological data collection, emotion data annotation and knowledge extraction. To perform data collection, EmotiphAI relies on the scientISST device in a wearable system with integrated physiological sensors. Physiological signals in contrast to the usage of image or self-reports allow a non-biased look into the subject’s autonomic nervous system for emotion recognition. Moreover, physiological signals can be collected non-intrusively during daily-living in a bracelet or integrated into daily-living objects in the form of “invisibles”.