Dust to Desired

Christy Cairns

Profession: Designer

Project: Dust to Desired

Based in: Brighton

Platform Member: Other Today



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A material exploration to find viable material uses for CNC sawdust that otherwise goes to waste.


The sawdust produced by CNC workshops often goes to landfills or incineration, releasing both Methane and Carbon Dioxide. This sawdust is consistent, widely available and free.


Simple equipment and techniques, and step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow.


Dust to Desired is a collection of open-source recipes created to utilise waste sawdust to produce practical and decorative materials.

Born out of an interest in material waste and an exploration into wood recycling processes. Dust to Desired explores viable material uses for CNC sawdust, that would otherwise go to waste. This has resulted in an open-source, adaption encouraged, material recipe and process.