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Pays’Âges reveals the identity of endangered territories from an unusual artistic angle : from the sky. Through this collective, local and itinerant project, Dorian Étienne is creating a collection of large-scale testimonial tapestries in volume. They present the singularities of the region studied, its topography and biodiversity. They are made on site with 100% local and natural materials. These monumental artworks testify to a “state of place” at this crucial moment of ecological disruption. Pays’Âges is above all a participatory project: the inhabitants are invited to learn with the artist the techniques of plant dyeing and tufting, then to participate daily in the highlighting of their territory by the realization of the artwork. These creations will be reproduced a few decades later. Exhibited alongside the first ones, the diptychs will artistically testify to the evolution of the region as well as to the ecological and societal issues at stake. NUCLEE Nuclée was born from a meeting combining culture, know-how and experimental approach. Settled near Hualien, on the east coast of Taiwan, the Kavalan aboriginal tribe is expert in the use of banana fiber : they make it their traditional clothing. We had the chance to meet them, to share their way of life and to learn from their elders the ancestral techniques of using this plant. The banana tree is one of the most cultivated plants in the world. After each harvest of bananas bunches, the “trunks” must be cut to facilitate the growth of shoots. Thus, tons of banana trees are still waiting to be revalued. Banana flesh, a considerable waste unexploited by the Kavalan, reveals a fascinating graphic in the light. By a particular refining technique, this plant tissue is stabilized in a color range from white to dark brown. This “new” material is sublimated here in walnut shapes, inspired by the banana tree structure. LUKANG Under mechanical pressure, the loofah fibers interweave to form a single frame of infinite length and thickness … without any binder ! This new material is very durable and fits comfortably the shape it receives. Designed on an eco-responsible principle, the seat is fixed by leather links, reversible and lifetime warranty. When the “plyloofah” seat is damaged, after several years of use, the user remove it easily and send it to the factory. The fibers are immersed in water, the different loofahs separate, then they are pressed together by adding fibers to the torn place. Zero waste !


About the creative talent


Designer graduated from the École Boulle, Dorian Étienne launched his eponymous design studio in 2019. He combines art and craft through a humanistic and eco-responsible design approach. The studio’s activity takes many forms : sustainable and innovative product design for edition, self-edition for galleries, special commissions, interventions in schools and institutes, creative residencies around the world, … After three years, a dozen projects have been awarded by design, architecture or art prizes (New York, Paris, Berlin, London, St Petersburg, Seoul, Bombay, …).

Anchored in near or distant territories, Dorian Étienne observes cultures and histories, techniques and materials. The richness of the world’s cultural heritages inspires him throughout his projects. Following this lead thread, braided of Human and Nature, he creates sensible and meaningful products : “objets métissés”. Furthermore, experimentation is at the heart of his creation. The new features of tools and materials are his library of ideas ; their limits suggest new uses. Dorian uses a collective and inclusive design approach in his projects to raise awareness among local people and share knowledge.