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About the project

We introduce and demystify the practice and benefits of fermentation and the power of mushrooms for everyone. For its health benefits, to improve our immune function and mental health, but also for the environment, to fight against animal and intensive agriculture and to improve the management of natural resources.

We make open-soure tools on github.
We share our practice within a global community on Telegram.
We organise workshops in our space in Barcelona, Spain but also across Europe with different partners.
You can follow us on Mastodon and Instagram or visit our website for more informations.

About tempeh

Tempeh is an Indonesian fermented food product originally made out of soy beans. The taste of tempeh evokes aromas of mushrooms, nuts and yeast, and its texture is firm, chunky and “meaty”. And it’s absolutely delicious!

During the fermentation, the fungus feeds on the soybeans and grows in the space around them, binding them together with pure white molds (mycelium). This processs breaks down the molecules of the beans and this pre-digestion allows us to absorb many more nutrients from them. That makes tempeh as rich in protein and iron as meat. It is also higher in fibre and calcium while being lower in saturated fat and salt.

About the founders

Domingo Club is an initiative by Maud Bausier and Antoine Jaunard, a Belgian creative duo with complementary strengths, settled in Barcelona, Spain.
Our respective backgrounds ranging from design to digital fabrication, electronics, programming and biohacking as well as our growing common interest in the practice of fermentation and the fantastic world of fungi have led us to found Domingo Club in 2021. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to discuss our and/or your projects with you. We speak English, Spanish and French.
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