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Ljubljana, Slovenia
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About the project

Maruša Mazej (1995) is a Ceramic Artist, currently working as an independent cultural worker in Slovenia. She received her master’s degree in 2021 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Majoring in Ceramics. While finishing her studies, she worked as a Technical Assistant at the Department of Applied Arts at AFAD, Ljubljana. Focusing primarily on ceramics, she is exploring the boundaries between design, craftsmanship and art. Her body of work includes both, functional and sculptural pieces.

Project explores the boundaries between craft, art and design through research and understanding of the local (Slovenian) history of ceramics.

The guiding principle of the project is exploring the boundaries between craft, art and design. Through research and understanding of the local history of ceramics production, I am developing a product based on the local industrial tradition of ceramics. With the past Slovenian industrial ceramic production in mind, I am using low-temperature casting clay. The central element of the project is a vase, which is a typical example of a ceramic craft product. In a way, the vase is a reflection of the maker’s skill and mastery of technical skill, as it is usually a product of slightly larger dimensions. By carefully choosing glaze colours, textures and effects, I am looking for a contemporary approach in traditional ceramic decor.