Becoming one with the Ocean

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Giulia Bellon

Giulia Bellon


Marine biologist creating nature and ocean inspired macrame jewellery
Becoming one with the Ocean
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About the project

The oceans is where life begun, without it we would not be blessed by the beauty this planet has gifted us with. But the fast lives we live today often disconnect us to the beautiful nature that surrounds us. This collective ensures that likeminded people can connect with one another and each explore their creativity together. We wish this way to bring back to everyone’s mind the importance to stop, take a breath, and aknwoldege and appreciate the beautiful nature that surrounds them.

Inspired by the secret sounds of the ocean Biggi Nielsen produces astonishing music with which I enter a trance and create ocean and nature inspired jewellery using the macrame’ technique. My wish is for the wearer to re-connect to their surrounding environment and advocate for its protection, because withouth it we cannot be in harmony with our planet.

Fluke me: this unique macrame necklace entails a 3D printed whale fluke intricately intertwined to a net of elegant knots. This piece is to expose things that happen in our oceans that we don’t see, ghost nets. Ghost nets are fishing nets lost or discarded by fishermen. Unfortunately, not only do they litter, but they also take many innocent lives with them.

Coralline: This pair of earrings expose two elegant and lively red corals. Coral reefs are some of the most important ecosystems in the world, hosting thousands of different species of critters. Because of ocean acidification 90% of corals worldwide have bleached and are in danger of not recovering. These earrings are a reminder of how important these little animals are for the prosperity of our oceans.

Kelp love: This pair of earrings are a combination of 4 different species of seaweed that prosper along the Icelandic coasts. As food shortages are becoming more prominent, lets not forget the existence of these extremely nutritious ocean plants. Did you know that some species have more protein than chicken and more vitamins than most fruits?