Alessandro Storari

Alessandro Storari

Profession: Light Designer

Project: Musca

Based in: Vienna

Platform Member: Happylab Vienna




Musca design studio was established in 2015 in Vienna by the architect and designer Alessandro Storari, who was born in 1981 in Soave, Verona, Italy. He holds Diploma degree from the Architectural Institute of Venice and from Architecture Technical University in Vienna.
Based in Vienna Musca designs light, produces luminous bodies and furniture. Do-it-yourself dynamic and sustainability are the key-words of the design process.
Our creative process is led by passion for harmony, geometry and materiality, an emotional path that corresponds with contemporary concerns, from philosophy to environment. Musca aims to create functional and aesthetic product that shapes space and atmosphere of rooms, corresponding with the customer’s needs.

Musca is focused on exploring digital and physical realities of products, merging the aesthetics of form with function and sustainability. The designs are inspired by nature and take human size into account.
The form of Musca products are shaped by computational design software, produced with computer-controlled machines and assembled manually.
Musca designs use materials such as cardboard, fin-board, plywood, wood, plexiglas and PLA. For its light emitting bodies, LED light bulbs are used, which makes Musca design energy efficient and long lasting.

Product Design


Combining design and production approaches - digital and manual



Organic shaped lamp made of 30 horizontal finn board layers