Circular Headphones

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Christian Thams

Christian Thams

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Circular Headphones
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About the project

Creating Exclusive Sustainable Headphones with Circular Design.
The objective is to create limited edition circular headphones that feature wireless capabilities, superior sound performance and long lasting repair-ability, using the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H6 as a foundation for the design. These unique headphones could be sold exclusively during a campaign or an offering for existing customers with old headphones at home.

To create a sustainable product, re-using components such as drivers, analog inputs, and printed circuit boards, while sending plastic and metal parts to suppliers to be reworked. This approach allows us to combine new forms of craftsmanship to achieve an exclusive expression of design. By incorporating open-source licenses and providing access to documentation, we ensure that the product can always be repaired or responsibly disposed of, making it a truly ethical option for customers. Additionally, our circular design not only reduces waste, it also provides customers with beautiful and the only sustainable headphones on the market.