Distributed Design Academy 2020

Distributed Design Academy 2020 – Canvases

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Distributed Design Academy 2020

About the project

The 2020 Distributed Design Academy concept was based around up-skilling designers and makers working in digital fabrication and empowering them with a set of tools to help them meet new and emerging markets.

The Academy resources from the fully online distributed course are now free to use by upcoming designers and makers who want to deepen their entrepreneurial knowledge and provide inspiration and guidance on how to access new markets. These resources can also be used by instructors and schools to help them bring perspectives on what distributed design means in different contexts.

Interactive Sessions content was delivered on Miro canvases. Participants worked simultaneously on the Miro resources provided by the instructors during the Academy sessions. The Canvases Toolkit are free to download online in three languages: English, Spanish and French.