FABCARE Polifactory


Design Anything, Make Anywhere, Care for Anyone

Polifactory is presenting FABCARE, an initiative in where designers, makers and independent innovators are designing and developing open source healthcare solutions.


A design challenge was calling local designers and makers to submit innovative ideas and solutions related to healthcare in order to present the prototypes of selected ideas at the Maker Faire Rome 2018.


The local initiative was launched during the European Maker Week to connect makers and designers with the healthcare sector system and to discuss about the pragmatic future with focus on patient innovation design, making and med-tech system.


In order to provide the technical-medical know how to support the talents during the FABCARE-launch and the prototyping phase, Polifactory is collaborating with Centro Medico Santagostino.


FABCARE presents the following five open source healthcare solutions at the Maker Faire Rome 2018:



  • Dermawear
  • DermaP
  • Mappanei
  • Palpatine
  • Zero2






Dermaware Evolution




A bra made entirely with digital technologies and characterised by a structure that recommends people how to move correctly