Fablabs.io meets Wikifactory!


Read about our latest collaboration!

DDMP is happy to announce the collaboration between Fablabs.io, the online social network of the international Fab Lab community, and Wikifactory, a social platform for collaborative product development. This new partnership, made possible by DDMP and Creative Europe, will enable members of the network to collaborate on projects worldwide.

With the launch of projects.fablabs.io projects can now:

• Securely host files in a cloud Drive that has version control
• Visualize 3D files through the web (even on mobile) for over 30 professional CAD and CAE formats without the need for plugins or expensive licenses
• Help others understand, replicate and contribute to your projects through a flexible Readme editor for you and your team to share Documentation
• Give and get feedback and suggestions for enhancements, tasks, or bugs to Projects through Issues. Need help to advance your Project, let the community know how they can help!
• Review other’s work and manage tasks by assigning Issues to others to accelerate the development of your Projects

Wikifactory is designed for open source communities, designers and product companies, it’s a social platform for collaborative product development, and it offers tools for teams and communities to share and work together on projects through the web.

Fablabs.io is the online social network of the international Fab Lab community. It is the current official list of Fab Labs that share the same principles, tools, and philosophy around the future of technology and its role in society. Fablabs.io is an exchange platform for people, labs, projects, machines, events and groups that operate around the Fab Lab Network.

Fablabs.io plans to officially launch the update at Fab15 – The official conference for Fab Labs, but opens the site beforehand to your great projects to promote this improved section of the fablabs.io platform. You can sign in to projects.fablabs.io using your original fablabs.io account! If you need help, you can use this helpful guide.

The collaboration enables the Fab Lab community to use the Wikifactory tools and in return introduces Wikifactory to the Fab Lab pool of makers, designers, creatives, coders etc. This collaboration is a great step forward forming an ecosystem of ecosystem of digital platforms that support creatives and connect them with new, digital markets.

We look forward to seeing your ideas on the platform!