Fab City Store


July 13 - 22, Fab City Summit Paris - FAB14 Plus

A Pop-up Store at Fab City Summit 2018

What does the store of the future look like here and now?

What is the Fab City Store? A popup store that will be held from July 13 to 22 in the Parc de la Villette at the Fab City Summit Paris – FAB14 Plus. It will present a selection of manifest products foreshadowing the future market of the Think global / Make local through four entries.

The Fab City Store called the international community of designers to participate and expose and 40 European creatives, which are integrated to the makers movement are exhibiting 10 days long their work produced with digital fabrication tools.

The four entries:

Local Corner Objects designed and made by creators in makerspaces, shared workshops and fablabs within a radius of 10 km around Paris.

Discover what is possible to design and make in your local fabrication space!

Glocal Factory Objects designed by European designers and made in makerspaces and fablabs within a radius of 10 km around Paris.

The Glocal Factory represents the fabrication on demand and only produces items which people need and buy. This entry enables a local production and fabrication to facilitate a more responsible consumption.

Custom Lab Custom Objects on site at the Fab City Store Products to customize. (Laser engraving, vinyl cutting, transfer, screen printing, flocking, …).

With the help of digital tools you can customise objects and make it your own and unique by signing, printing and shaping it according to your taste.

Workshops from idea to object at the Fab City Store

The Manifesto:

The pop up store follows the goal to engage the maker to the consumer and create a virtuous circle. Digital tools are becoming more and more accessible and the logic of sharing is required. Developed by maker spaces several topics are questioning the economic models as new distribution channels for work and products, a way to strengthen links between global creation and local manufacturing, and furthermore how the store of the future looks like.

Visit Fab City Store’s webpage to learn more!

Fab City Store




From idea to object