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Thursday 8th July 2021
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About the event

As part of the Distributed Design platform, for its 4th year of participation OpenDot is helding a Workshop Series in collaboration with Dotdotdot on the topic of climate change, with the intention at sharing the know-how acquired in the process of developing the installation “Earth Bits – Sensing the Planetary”.
Climate Data is an invitation that fosters cross-disciplinary practices to look at the sustainability challenges from multiple perspectives and gives tools to understand and develop innovative skills towards a more sustainable future.

The workshops will be free under subscription, with limited places (max 20pp). You can choose to attend only one or all the workshops. The meetings will be held online through Zoom and also, if the sanitary measures will allow it, on-site at Opendot.

30 JUN – 9.30-13.30 AM GMT+2

SATELLITE DATA – Monitoring pollution with ESA Sentinel

The first workshop is about satellite data and it is conducted in collaboration with a member of the team from the ESA Copernicus program. 

The participants will learn how to get raw data from the ESA repositories and process them with Snap, the ESA software for Copernicus Sentinel data processing and analysis, to raise awareness about the correlation of rising T°, urban heat islands and concentration of NO2 caused by human activity.

Subscriptions are open at the link https://forms.gle/SYnvEAfRDV1ZMzdS6 

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  • 24th Sept 2021 “THE SOUND OF TEMPERATURE – The emotional value of data”

  • 06th Oct 2021 “DATASPEAKS – Visualizing waste to raise awareness”