“REMOTE CO-DESIGN” Masterclass


Co-design is one of the key ingredients for innovation in the most diverse areas. It’s an effective method, which in Opendot we have always used in every design process, to involve people with different skills and backgrounds in an inclusive and participatory way, to generate new ideas, solve problems or satisfy needs.

But how to do remote co-design effectively?

In the last year we have all been further away and with more and more need to find solutions to collective problems in a collaborative way.

What better partner than IDEO.ORG to organize a masterclass? The non-profit design studio IDEO.COM deals with designing a more just world through inclusion, participation, resilience and accessibility starting from the needs of people. They designed the kit to spread the principles and practices of Human-centered design!

The Masterclass “Remote Co-design” held by Anna Zylicz, Senior Communication Designer of ideo.org offers an overview of tools and best practices to hold participatory design sessions remotely with heterogeneous work teams efficiently.


The Masterclass will be held in English and divided into two parts:


10.30 – 12.30 AM (GMT+2) | OPEN TALK open to all on registration at this link

In the morning session, we’ll talk about terminology, tools, best practices and when and how to use remote co-design to meet the needs of users and the team. We will analyze examples of success together and also learn from the moments when remote co-design has missed the target.


02.00 – 06.00 PM (GMT+2) | WORKSHOP hands-on activity with limited places: registrations are open at this link

The afternoon session is aimed at people with varying levels of experience with remote co-design, and who are ready to start using it more effectively. We will share our experiences and design, plan and co-design in small groups. The session will end with a collective feedback exchange on how to improve facilitation and refine the method together.

The masterclass is completely free and part of the DD – Distributed Design project, funded by the Creative Europe program, to develop and promote the connection between designers, makers and the global market.



Monday 31st May 2021
10:30am — 6:00pm
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