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Wednesday 8th June 2022 — Friday 10th June 2022
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About the event

The Makerspace is happening at re:publica 2022 and as usual is bringing together some of the most brilliant makers and innovators from around the world. This year and after a long wait we can finally welcome you physically at the Makerspace, where you can experience first hand the Making Culture using digital technologies like 3D printers, laser cutters and more..!

Curated by the Global Innovation Gathering e.V. and with support from our membership in the Distributed Design Platform, we host full-on three days of Workshops, Meetups and Exhibitions, all happening in the Makerspace at the heart of re:publica. Whether developing robots, learning how to replace plastic bags with biodegradable materials, making your own eco-prints on DIY bio leather, or recording crawling insects by adapting programming code, our workshops program will ensure you leave with some real Hands-on knowledge.

Learn more about the Workshops program here. You can get your  ticket here